Hatha Yoga – English class

Wat doe je
Classic yoga poses, meditations
Medium intensity.

Hatha Yoga in English

Warm welcome to the ancient – yet oh so necessary and extremely popular in our modern fast paced world – practice of Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is sanskrit for ”The Forceful Yoga” – not in the sense that you force things, but in the sense that you find and use the force within yourself.

How do we do this?

Like in all Classical Yoga styles – we sit/meditate, we practice pranayama / breathing excercies, we practice asanas/ the physical postures and then at the end of it all we relax in savasana. In every class.

Hatha Yoga aligns your body and your mind and is strengthening and cleansing both at the same time. It is a great practice for everyone, no matter what your level or age is.

Looking forward to seeing you in class!


If you have any questions about this class please contact Cecilia.

Cecilia Götherström
E-mail: studiostark@icloud.com
Phone: 06 – 46 15 70 19



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  • Abonnement

    1x per week (5x p.m.)€ 52,50
    Onbeperkt Yoga€ 72,50
    Studenten 1x p.w. (5x p.m.)€ 44,50
    1x per week - gezin (2 pers.)€ 82,50

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  • Rittenkaart

    * Sluit je na de proefmaand een jaarabonnement af dan is de proefmaand gratis.

    Losse les / proefles€ 16,00
    Proefmaand Yoga€ 34,95*
    10 Rittenkaart - 4 maanden€ 135,00
    25 Rittenkaart - 12 maanden€ 295,00

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